TOBE! Uta-Sanshin 2010 in Hawaii!Tobe! Uta Sanshin 2010 in Hawaii

a benefit concert for the Hawaii United Okinawa Association in

Commemoration of the Hawaii Okinawa Center’s 20th Anniversary


National Living Treasure of Japan, Choichi Terukina Sensei, Master of Afuso school of classical Okinawa has created and executed countless opportunities for his students to excel in the study of the traditional performing arts of Okinawa.  One of these endeavors is Sensei’s program entitled, Tobe Uta-sanshin”.  ‘Tobe’ comes from the word ‘tobu’ which means to ‘fly’ or ‘leap forward’ and enspirited in this word is the essence of Sensei’s desire for the youth to energetically excel in their musical studies.  


The history of Terukina Sensei’s association with our Hawaii community spans over three decades and through his efforts and those he has trained, Hawaii has a thriving corps of youthful and very skillful Afuso Ryu musicians who will further perpetuate the legacy of the traditional performing arts for our community.  


We are pleased to announce that Terukina Sensei has chosen the Hawaii Okinawa Center to be the site of his 2010 Tobe Uta-sanshin in Hawaii!  We are further humbled by his generosity to hold this concert to raise funds for the commemoration of the HOC’s 20th anniversary this year.  The net proceeds of ticket sales for this concert will benefit the HUOA. Their donation will be designated for the Repair and Maintenance of our 20 year old Hawaii Okinawa Center.  Terukina Sensei is coordinating the program for this engagement with his Hawaii Chapter President, Grant Sandaa Murata Sensei.  The program will feature the Chapter’s members from Oahu many of whom have studied directly under Terukina Sensei and successfully competed and attained various awards in Okinawa.  


Additionally, Terukina Sensei is arranging for dancers and musicians to join the Hawaii group for this engagement.  He will feature the performance of a kumiudui or classical Ryukyu opera entitled, Nidou Tichiuchi—The Revenge of Two Brothers.  A kumiudui culminates a dialogue of many Ryukyuan poems amongst the characters in the play, music and dance.  It is unique and the art form that was designated as one of the traditional music and dance forms of the country of Japan.  The particular kumiudui that Terukina Sensei has selected for this Hawaii engagement is exciting and colorful.   


Two brothers, Tsirumachi and Kamijuu, conceal their identity to avenge the wrongful death of their father, Gosamaru, Lord of Nakagushiku Castle, by the treacherous Amawari, Lord of Katsuren Castle.  Sensei’s outstanding sons, Tomokuni and Tomoyuki, will be among the fine musicians who will provide the musical accompaniment for the kumiudui.  Sensei is also assembling excellent artists from particular dance academies in Okinawa for an exceptional program in Hawaii.  


Nearly three years ago, Sensei’s seven year-old grandson, Tomohumi, stole the show at the Hawaii Theatre with his talented dance renditions.  In this concert, Tomohumi will be featured in “Nakanaori Sanda-gwa”, a comical musical play that will surely delight the audience.   Updates to 2010 Tobe Uta-sanshin! are being made as information arrives from Okinawa. 


Please check our website ( and listen for announcements on our HUOA hour on Sundays, 5:30 – 6:00 pm ,  Radio Station KZOO (AM1210) for more updated information.  


2010 Tobe Uta-sanshin in Hawaii!

Date:    March 29, 2010-Monday

Time:    7:00pm

Location:     Hawaii Okinawa Center

Tickets:  $25 per person

*tickets will be available at the Hawaii Okinawa Center, OFF THE WALL RESTAURANT and from Afuso Ryu Gensei Kai members


To reserve your ticket call: (808) 676-5400,

Last updated: March 10, 2010


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